Wednesday, January 30, 2013

America Cities: The New Training Ground

Take what you will from this post. Perhaps I am the boy crying wolf as Tam says but I think there is more here than we are seeing.

Minneapolis Residents Catch Footage of Black Hawks Conducting Urban Training Exercise:
Urban Defense Blackhawks in downtown Minneapolis!:
Military Black Helicopters "training" in Minneapolis - Mon. Aug. 27th:
Black Helicopters fly around Minneapolis Federal Reserve:
(CBS) Downtown Mpls. Becomes Black Hawk Helicopter Training Zone:
St. Paul:
Black Hawk Helicopters over Saint Paul, MN:
Black Hawk Helicopters in Downtown Denver:
(ABC) Blackhawk Flyovers Whip Up Concern, Curiosity:
Army to use old jail in Galveston for training exercises today:
Military exercises in Worcester a surprise to residents, including the local police?
"...On Thursday, August 2, 2012 there was a military exercise in downtown Worcester, MA, the second largest city in New England after Boston. Chris Robarge, ACLU of Massachusetts field organizer for central Massachusetts, lives in Worcester and witnessed what he describes as a terrifying raid..."
Army Helicopters Flying over Worcester:
Live military exercise in downtown Worcester:
Another Massive Military ‘Training Drill’ Involving Helicopters Spotted in Houston, Texas — Watch the Raw Footage:
(ABC w/ additional footage) Army Training Drill Scares Residents in South Houston Shooting Blanks No Warning - School goes on lock-down:
Los Angeles:
LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA:
REAL VIDEO : Black Hawk Helicopters in the skys of LA- Jan 2012:
Buzzed by Black Hawks:
U.S. Military to perform helicopter exercises along border (Laredo):
So Why Have Military Helicopters Been Flying Over Miami? We Explain, Plus See the Videos:
(CBS) Black Hawks Used In Military Training Exercise In Miami:
(ABC) Machine Gun Fire From Black Hawk Helicopters Flying Over Miami Fl:
Blackhawk Choppers Buzz Chicago Skyscrapers:
Special Forces Black Hawk Helicopters at Street Level in Chicago, IL:
Black Hawk helicopters doing a Chicago river fly by April 16, 2012:
Urban Warfare Drill Chicago 2012 Blackhawk helicopters:
Fox News:
Drone Spotted in Chicago Suburbs:
Military Training Exercises to Take Place In and Around Boston:
Low Flying Military Helicopters Over Boston Buzz Buildings During Training Exercise:
Military helicopters training downtown Boston:
US Military to Run Urban Exercises in North St. Louis – Residents Hope It Will Cut Down on Crime:
‘Makes Very Little Sense’: Why Are Army Tanks Rolling Down Residential Roads for Training in St. Louis?:
(NBC) Military Police Training to Drive Tanks in St Louis:
New Jersey:
Army Conducts Training Exercises in Long Branch Monday Night :
Army Training in Long Branch:
Military Training Rattles Monmouth Residents:

‘We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before’: Beck & the Military Weigh in on Army’s Public Training Exercises:
Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?:
"World-renowned educator and human rights activist Jim Garrow says that the source, man regarded as "one of America's foremost military heroes," told him that President Obama is using a new litmus test for "determining who will stay and who must go" among top-ranked military leaders. That test is whether they will fire on US citizens or not. Garrow says that his source made the disclosure in order to "sound the alarm" over the administration's plans..."
Report: Washington Didn’t Even Tell Marine Gen. He Was Being Replaced:
Liberal think tank says President can use military to push progressive agenda:
President Obama: Troops 'fighting on my behalf':

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welding weeks 1-7

Welding is going rather well and we are nearing midterms rather quickly. I have mastered Arc Welding in the flat position and have finished with the vertical. I am now struggling with the overhead position and will eventually go to a bend test.  I will have pictures of my projects up in a few days as my phone is charging (stupid battery life).

Welding test one consisted of this attached image:


It has 2 triangles and one base plate. The main issue that I had on this one was the staggered welds on the inner side of the first triangle. Staggered welds are measured from the middle of the first run to the middle of the second. Another way to look at it is that you weld 2 inches skip 2 inches and weld 2 inches. The main issue is that using any oxyacetylene torch to hand cut materials is not for those who have shaky hands. I spent forever on the grinding wheel to get my parts to resemble a triangle again.

Our second test was even more insidious with hidden lines and upside down triangles. Some people misread the blue print and welded on the wrong side due to the drawing design. Which tipped me off to look at the drawing again as some people were carbon arcing their plates to remove their welds.

Our last test was to build a 6"x 6" box out of 1/4 inch steel. This threw everyone off as we had to account for the thickness of the material to achieve the 6 inches on both sides. Tacking the plates was also an issue as evertime you tacked a side you had to square it as well. My box turned out fairly well but was a little off square.

I have some blueprints at school and will bring them home as the opportunity presents itself. I am having a lot of fun welding regardless of the cursing at welding in a overhead position.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

RECOIL Magazine

Seems like the folks over at Recoil have stepped in it big time;

"Like we mentioned before, the MP7A1 is unavailable to civilians and for good reason. We all know that’s technology no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of. It is made to put down scumbags, and that’s it. Mike Cabrera of Heckler & Koch Law Enforcement Sales and veteran law enforcement officer with SWAT unit experience points out that this is a gun that you do not want in the wrong, slimy hands. It comes with semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes only. Its overall size places it between a handgun and submachine gun. Its assault rifle capabilities and small size make this a serious weapon that should not be taken lightly"

See the rest of this over at subguns

 ***It appears as if the post was modified or removed here is another link to the developing story ***

Looks like one advertiser has pulled their advert here

Their Facebook page is also showing that fans are not amused

Monday, August 20, 2012


Just a short update as I am very tired. I was accepted into the welding course and I have begun the path to a welding career.

Two things I have noticed are: Everything in the shop came with the death and dismemberment speech and textbooks for college have gone up 200% since I have gone last. The math book alone was $182.00 which is a drastic increase since the 1990's when I could get one for $80.00. I did manage to "rent" it for $55 for the semester.

On the positive side we are welding starting tomorrow; which means I had to come up with $500 dollars worth of gear. But I am glad to get started quickly as I am more of a hands on person anyways. The instructor seems like the decent sort and he is quick to point out the things he does not want to see happen.

I will not be visiting as many of your sites as much as I have in the past. But I will endeavor to visit as many as I can in the months ahead.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to School

Looks like I have been accepted for the new VRAP(Veterans Retraining Assistance Program): in which yours truly will go back to college. Which is excellent since I can get another degree that has nothing to do with the one I currently hold.

I am entering the field of welding. Why welding you ask? We have a federal facility that is always is begging for new buildings and other projects that need welders. Plus if this economy ever picks up there is another Department of Energy partner that will need at least 4 years of building work out here. Lastly should the worst come to worst I will be able to modify vehicles with armor.

So I have requested transcripts from my former alma mater and my high school (which I am still scratching my head over) and I am studying to retake the math portion of the ACT test. I will say this; I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I am not the guy who you ask to calculate trajectories to launch missiles into space. While I can do algebra, I have to work twice as hard to get it to "click" to something I understand. I did find a good learning resource for either; parents who have children, or those are needing a math "refresher" please do yourself a favor and go to this website: they have a ton of useful classes that any prepper could use.

To say I am apprehensive is an understatement. This plan can go sideways at any point since there is only one slot left, pending a math test, transcripts do not make it in time, etc., etc.. I am cautiously excited for this new opportunity and it goes to show you that God always has a plan for you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping trip part-2 Meadow Lake

Behind the intriguing town of Gilmore resides the campground of Meadow Lake. I had first heard about this from Cal-Ranch's website as one of the best kept secrets for this area. Judging from the amount of traffic it has through there the secret is out. Meadow Lake is basically a bowl formed on all sides by massive mountains. The snow and runoff water goes into the middle of this bowl to form Meadow Lake. The lake is then stocked by our f(r)iends from fish and game from time to time. Plenty of hiking trails to take through the draws of the mountain and for the more adventurous folk, mountain climbing as well.

My only complaint about the whole adventure is that the camping sites were built too closely to another. Which, if you have decent neighbors is not an issue, but it our case it was a big issue. Camping in Idaho for a number of years lends a certain respect of the wilderness and its inhabitants. Bears are a major concern for our area, as well as any wildlife creature and with bear signs posted everywhere it reminds you; you are the intruder. So here is my example of how not to camp:

These people have left all their food out in the open; campfire is still burning and they spent the whole day at lake with no one at their site. They left this fire going since 12:00 am at night when they were chopping wood with an axe. My wife had quite enough of the wood cutting in the am and yelled at their general direction to stop (or something similiar). They then proceeded to let their children run wild through the whole campsite during the day without supervision. Despite this we managed to have a good time, despite any lack of camp etiquette on our neighbor’s behalf.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping trip part-1 Gilmore Ghost town

This was a camping weekend for us as a family and seeing how I have never been to a good ol' fashioned ghost town I decided to change that. The story of Gilmore can be read here and they do justice to the story of Gilmore. Here are some of the pictures I was able to take out hiking.

You can see the rest of my album here as I am getting errors for trying to upload to many pictures.