Monday, April 2, 2012

When the Cat's Away

I love it when my wife goes on vacations. These are the times that I can clean house with any objections to why or what I am throwing away. Last trip enabled me to throw away several broken objects that she said that she was going to fix (they had been broken for over a year). This time was clothes. I live by a fairly simple rule; If it has been stored for over a year without being touched it needs to go. I place some exceptions on materials for prepping, spare parts for this and that but as a general rule it works just fine.

This is a different matter when it comes to the stuff that she keeps in the basement. Old lamps that will never be fixed, 3 tables that have not seen the light of day for a few years, bar stool chairs and her multitude of clothing bins. We have clothes down there from the 80's, baby clothes and clothes from college. So I went to work stuffing as many clothes as I can into garbage bags and I donated 8 garbage bags to our clothing donation store. So guiltily I complete another task and plan dogeza-gaikĊ for when she comes home.


  1. You have bigger balls than I do.... :)

    1. I am hoping she won't notice till months later. Then I can use the "I don't remember doing that" excuse. haha