Thursday, April 12, 2012


Posted with permission from Warlock Sundance as a response to my article Citizen's Police Academy Part 4.

I wish you would not fall for such tripe guys.
I ride with the Warlocks MC in South Carolina.
The hell of it is.....I am not and my brothers are not the bad guys you are looking out for. Yes, one percenters we are, but the meaning of that is not what you posted or are being told.
I will just put it out here for ya.
I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ.....
and I ride in an outlaw motorcycle club.
I am a husband, father, grandfather,friend, property owner, homeowner, business owner, and taxpayer.....but I live outside the norms of regular folks. I have long hair, I am sleeved both arm tattoos. I do not drink. I do not do drugs.
I own four Harley Davidson's, and ride them regularly, rain or shine, hot or is who and what I am......and guess what.....I am a prepper too.
My business???? I own and operate a CNC machinery service company. I service and repair Laser's, pressbrakes, turret punch presses, shears, plasma cutters.....etc. I also have a full time job because the economy is killing my business here lately. I an electro/mechanical engineer.
Look guys, I have worked hard and all my life for what I have. I know the value of it. Contrary to popular belief, as espoused by L.E. training seminars and such.....damn near every biker I know will stand side by side with YOU to protect YOU in your time of need, come what may in the future.
Never forget....A helluva lot of us miserable outlaw bikers are VETERANS who served this country as well.
We are not the enemy.


  1. Warlock, my friend - i hope that you read my comment on the previous entry. if not, please go back and read it.

    your friend, both to Warlock and Mmasse,

  2. Oh lordy girl....I read your comment, you all right with me. Just a general statement...

  3. You're alright by me, Warlock...thanks for the clarification.

  4. and Stephen, you are one who I respect none.

  5. While not trying to take either side here, I would point out (with respect) to mmase that most LE groups also think that preppers, survivalists, constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, former military folk old women in depends, children in diapers, nursing mothers, people with artificial limbs, etc etc etc are also possible terrorists and thus on the watch lists. And Don't forget this Group of bloggers

    Just to say that you have to take all this training with
    a grain if salt. Just because they say this stuff doesn't make it so.

    1. Matt - There are no sides here, this is a forum of ideas and thoughts. Should someone have a different experience or opinion I am more than welcome it here. Actually I like the different feedback makes me see that other people are reading and keeping me on my toes.

    2. Mmasse, just my way of trying not to come off harshly to a friend, as that's the last thing I'd want. Often people will have this perception that they got zapped when I get done speaking or writing.

  6. I would like to make clear to everyone that it was not my intention to slander anyone. These are just classes that I am taking on my off time to gain knowledge and insight. Saying that, I respect deeply where Warlock is coming from. Which is one of the reasons I posted his comment up as I did. Knowledge is power and if I in some small way have increase the breadth of my knowledge and others I see that as a win. So hats off to you Warlock for setting the record straight (well straighter as it were).

  7. My friend, you provided a most excellent venue of discussion on this subject. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took no offence from any point of view mentioned here, by anyone.

    Actually, it was a great discussion. I am proud that you fine folk listened to my point of view. That does not happen all that often.

    Again I thank you all. I am a better person just being able to share thoughts with all of you.

  8. The worst thing that ever happened to me in a motorcycle gang's clubhouse is... I got talked into going skydiving.

    That's a long and hilarious story, involving friends, a wedding, champagne, a vietnam vet's motorcycle club the lucky groom belonged to, and some slightly bewildered but generally laid back skydivers.

    It left such a lasting impression, that I'm encouraging my Calmer Half to get back on a bike as soon as he's able to. They're just people - overwhelmingly good people, with a few quirks, a few rough edges, and some idiots and criminals mixed in, like the rest of the population.

    That said, good to know what the police are teaching themselves.

    1. I would love to hear that story one day. Sounds like the kind of tale that you tell the kids when they are older.