Thursday, April 12, 2012

Citizen's Police Academy Part 4

A wealth of information at this week’s meeting, so much so I might break this into 2 parts since I will be getting the officers power point presentation next week. This week's topic was on gangs and drugs. Since I am also a prepper this is of immediate concern to me and any person who considers themselves a prepper. If you do not know who your local bad guys are in your area do the research now (the results may surprise you). Better to identify potential threats now than waiting for the balloon to go up. Officer A and Officer J split the gangs into two types: motorcycle clubs (MCs) and street gangs.  

Motorcycle clubs also have different subgroups within its group. You have the associations which are only interested in riding and motorcycles and then you have the outlaw gangs. Not all motorcycle clubs are outlaws and not all the members of the outlaws groups are criminals. Since I will be glossing over some of the history of outlaw gangs you can read more here.  

The outlaw gangs are recognizable by their colors or three piece patch as shown. Since most motorcycle clubs are hierarchal there is a process of earning your colors. Most people who join are probates and will wear a vest that has probate on the back with the color emblem only. Once they have served the gang for a year or two they go before the top officers of that gang and interview for full membership. Another patch you need to be aware of is the 1% patch. This is typically displayed on the front of the vest. These are the
One percent patch
people who have committed sanctioned crimes within the club.

The MCs in our area are: Brother Speed, Banditos, Vagos, PH its, and a few others that I cannot recall now (mostly minor). Brother Speed is the major bike gang for the Idaho area as it was created in Boise. They have charters in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. Officer A listed their membership as 200+ strong. The next gang Banditos has a token charter in Idaho but they are the most rowdy of the bunch. They are listed with charters all over the US and include some in Canada, Europe, Australia, and even Southern Asia. They are said to have 2400+ members in its ranks. All the sudden the Golden Horde theory is not looking so farfetched.

More information was covered on the other gangs (again minor in comparison) in the area. The officers noted that should you want to start your own chapter you had to go to Brother Speed and seek permission since they are the head gang for the area. The only other thing that I would add here is that females in the MC's will not receive full membership due to most of the bylaws of their groups.

I will cover the street gangs in a later post since this one is getting too long.


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    1. It sure is. Might have to change my SHTF plans because of it.

  2. can't wait for your next post buddy! i am familiar with OMGs from my previous employment and am interested in what you all were taught. and i can't stress enough - most motorcycle gang members are guys who like bikes, have families and are well respected in their communities. it's why, in law enforcement, we differentiate between MGs (motorcycle gangs) and OMGs (outlaw motorcycle gangs). like i said - can't wait for the next post!

    your friend,

    1. Like I said not all OMG members are criminals. Plus most OMGs have local fund raising charities to help their image for the communities that they are in. I was intrigued by the almost military organization about them and I have no doubts that they would be major players in a collapse situation.

  3. I wish you would not fall for such tripe guys.
    I ride with the Warlocks MC in South Carolina.

    The hell of it is.....I am not and my brothers are not the bad guys you are looking out for. Yes, one percenters we are, but the meaning of that is not what you posted or are being told.

    I will just put it out here for ya.
    I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ.....
    and I ride in an outlaw motorcycle club.
    I am a husband, father, grandfather,friend, property owner, homeowner, business owner, and taxpayer.....but I live outside the norms of regular folks. I have long hair, I am sleeved both arm tattoos. I do not drink. I do not do drugs.
    I own four Harley Davidson's, and ride them regularly, rain or shine, hot or is who and what I am......and guess what.....I am a prepper too.

    My business???? I own and operate a CNC machinery service company. I service and repair Laser's, pressbrakes, turret punch presses, shears, plasma cutters.....etc. I also have a full time job because the economy is killing my business here lately. I an electro/mechanical engineer.

    Look guys, I have worked hard and all my life for what I have. I know the value of it. Contrary to popular belief, as espoused by L.E. training seminars and such.....damn near every biker I know will stand side by side with YOU to protect YOU in your time of need, come what may in the future.

    Never forget....A helluva lot of us miserable outlaw bikers are VETERANS who served this country as well.

    We are not the enemy.

  4. I mean you no disrespect by my above post. Please understand that.

    1. No disrespect taken and for future reference it's always good to have another point of view. I made the point in my article to say that not all OMG are criminal and that fact was imparted by our police dept. I am going to post this as a new entry with your permission of course so that everyone can hear your point of view.

    2. absolutely...permission granted.

  5. Guys,
    The 1%er patch has nothing to do with criminal activity. I know I am a 1%er in what the cops concider a OMG. Don't drink the cool aid and buy everything you're told about clubs. I appreciate the author realizing that we are not all criminals. The reality is that most of us are far from. Have a great day!