Sunday, March 11, 2012

Range Day

With Saturday's weather turning out to quite nice I decided it was time to dust off the AR I had built over this winter. I pieced together a lower from Spikes, some Stag Arms parts, through in a good amount of Magpul furniture and I was finished with the lower half. The upper I have to admit that I kind of chickened out on. I felt comfortable with all the spring work. but the gas tubes intimidated me. So I bought the complete upper from Bravo Company with a slight tinge of regret.

That regret is now gone. The picture you are about to see is nothing short of amazing. What makes it even more so is that I have not zeroed it in other than a barrel sight check months prior. I missed a few shots here and there but over all its a very decent platform. I am sure a few of you are better at running and gunning but hopefully more training on my behalf will fix the errant shots.

The target below was for a newly acquired weapon which might need to go the gunsmith. More on that at a later time.


  1. Looks good to me! The guy is very much dead...

    1. Thanks. I will have to work on getting my groups tighter as the summer progresses.