Monday, March 26, 2012

Odds & Ends

Cleaning was the word of the day today. From toilets to the downstairs storage area. I had just finished with some of the shelving when I noticed ants. None of them were alive but they were there nonetheless. Turns out they might be carpenter ants from some of the indicators of the mess they made. More money down the drain we go.

Earlier I was treated to a movie by my wife as a midday break. I made the classic book to movie mistake, I read the book first. Hunger Games was a decent sort of movie by itself. However after you have read the book you will notice that certain major plot points have been left out of the movie. This is all I will say about the movie since some people have not seen/read it yet.

There is a lot of speculation on the whole Trayvon Martin issue. I have bowed out of that whole argument when debate turned into a frothing frenzy of speculation. I will say this though; The speed that the left picked up on this issue has been nothing but staggering. It took 2 days for this thing to blow up and hit national media.

The main issue being the "Loughner Effect" where the media matters sunk their teeth into facts that were not there. The main issue was the whole "he was a white shooter" statement. Then the pickup by Obama was nothing short of astounding. If you think your second amendment is safe think again. They will manufacture and create events to drive a wedge between those who don't have against those who do. Look at the Fast and Furious case. Has anyone been held accountable? Where are the impeachment calls? How long ago has this happened? Who were they going to blame had they not been caught? Oh, and why did they release the suspect back into the wild? He has already abandoned most of our longest standing allies; why should the American people be any different?


  1. Carpenter ants tried to eat my newly built house - they would be why I have an exterminator contract.

    The Martin case has caused me to try to differentiate between the Black Panthers and the Klan. I can't.

    1. Who would have thought ants could eat wood?

      I heard that the panthers leader was arrested on weapons charges but surprising missing was the race hate charges or the death threat poster they published.