Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Interesting Topic

Duke posted an excellent article on his blog here, since my answer would be to long I decided to make a separate post about it.
Perhaps this topic hits near and dear to our hearts because of history. During the revolutionary war it became common for the locals to hide their weaponry from the British because of confiscation fears. It could be said that the attempt to forcibly take these weapons actually led to the American Revolution.

"On April 18, 1775, British General Thomas Gage sent 700 trained troops to Concord, Massachusetts. On the dawn of the 19th, 70 men — farmers, clerks, storekeepers — stood fast and faced the British advance guard at Lexington Green" (taken from here)

The troops sent would undoubtedly have confiscated their weapons and possibly took their food stores as well. So this topic that Duke has presented us with is not a new one. We do not even have to look at other countries to see the effects of gun control in other hemispheres.

Another incident to take a look at is the Gunpowder Incident which had the same kind of outcome. Locals banded together and repelled the British invaders.

That is why every weapon owner feels that owning a weapon is a fundamental right. It has been ingrained with us since the founding of our country. Our founding fathers knew that firearms were essential for maintaining a stable and representative government. The problem with all this is some groups tend to forget how we forged this great country and they are doomed to repeat history.


  1. It could be said that the attempt to forcibly take these weapons actually led to the American Revolution.

    Absolutely, they put up with as much/more than we have, but coming for their guns was the final straw as it will be here.

  2. Ok, I get that and I put nothing past the leaders of this country, but do you think our military would follow those orders? I can't imagine that the vast majority of them would comply.

    1. Depends on their background. Those who support Ron Paul probably would not. Others who are not so morally inclined would.