Friday, March 30, 2012

Automatic Airsoft Turret with free source code

The owner of this magnificent device has posted the design specs and the source code for the targeting apparatus. I will let your imagination fill in the rest.

Busy Day

Tons of committments today so I will leave you with this video of a trike flight in Idaho. This is the same guy who retraced the steps of the Patriots novel in his trike here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Citizen Police Academy Part 2

Last night we were introduced to our CSI officer K. She is one of the few "civilians" working with the police department in a official capacity. She is a recent addition to the police department as they found more and more officers being tied up at crime scenes to collect evidence. So her role is to enable those officers to go back into the street while she collects the evidence.

Unlike the TV series her job involves months of work instead of hours. She does not talk to witnesses and she does not carry a weapon. Collecting and reporting is basically what she is mainly concerned with. The class was introduced to several methods of collecting. First was the traditional dust method which is extremely messy and got everywhere on the table. The second is the magnetic dust which I found to be more manageable and less wasteful. She also demonstrated a two part epoxy that will pull fingerprints off of uneven surfaces. The last is the superglue method which actually does work if you put the item in a container and then put a few drops of superglue in the container and close it.

The last half of the class was interpreting a crime scene. The CSI arranged a spare room to make it look like a crime had happen. We were briefed that 3-4 shots where fired and two men were seen leaving the scene. She described that this information is typical in her job and its up to her to put the pieces together. So we found 2 9mm shells and 1 .40 shell. Powder was spread over a desk and a chair was overturned. Later we found 3 bullet holes and another shell under a chair. It was concluded that one suspect was shot, and had left via the backdoor. The other suspects had left after being shot at.

The thing that had left an impression is the lousy return time for fingerprint matches and DNA. She was saying that only one place handles all these. It takes up to 3-5 months to verify fingerprints, 5-8 months for DNA and 5 months for ballistic checks. You would think that with all our advancements we would have a better reporting process.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Odds & Ends

Cleaning was the word of the day today. From toilets to the downstairs storage area. I had just finished with some of the shelving when I noticed ants. None of them were alive but they were there nonetheless. Turns out they might be carpenter ants from some of the indicators of the mess they made. More money down the drain we go.

Earlier I was treated to a movie by my wife as a midday break. I made the classic book to movie mistake, I read the book first. Hunger Games was a decent sort of movie by itself. However after you have read the book you will notice that certain major plot points have been left out of the movie. This is all I will say about the movie since some people have not seen/read it yet.

There is a lot of speculation on the whole Trayvon Martin issue. I have bowed out of that whole argument when debate turned into a frothing frenzy of speculation. I will say this though; The speed that the left picked up on this issue has been nothing but staggering. It took 2 days for this thing to blow up and hit national media.

The main issue being the "Loughner Effect" where the media matters sunk their teeth into facts that were not there. The main issue was the whole "he was a white shooter" statement. Then the pickup by Obama was nothing short of astounding. If you think your second amendment is safe think again. They will manufacture and create events to drive a wedge between those who don't have against those who do. Look at the Fast and Furious case. Has anyone been held accountable? Where are the impeachment calls? How long ago has this happened? Who were they going to blame had they not been caught? Oh, and why did they release the suspect back into the wild? He has already abandoned most of our longest standing allies; why should the American people be any different?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Citizen Police Academy Part 1

As I had discussed earlier I have signed up for my areas Citizens Police Academy. Since this class runs on Wednesdays I will update on Thursday to tell you of my experiences with that class. Most of last nights meeting was a overview of the course and what it could lead into.

We were introduced to Officer A who had an extensive career as a police office. She had attended POST (Police Officers Standards and Training) three times. Once as a jailor, once as a patrol officer and the last time to become an instructor for POST. She was involved in a nasty car accident which severed her left foot and now was on light duty after multiple surgeries until her future was decided by our police department. Pretty hardcore right there if you ask me. The police chief came up next introduced himself and described how the program works (I will cover that later on). He then gave us his work cell and asked us to call him if we have any questions/issues with the training.

We go through a few videos; Paul Harvey and what is like to be a police officer. Another one about how many officers has been killed on duty in the past four months. Then we get to the waivers of indemnity because certain arrests are still pending in court (makes sense), and the liability waivers. This is for the four hour ride along with a patrol vehicle that is required for the course. Which is one of the main things I am looking forward to. We were reminded not to talk in the police cars while the officers are "on tape" because apparently the microphones pick up everything and they had a young lady on tape making fun of a field sobriety test-e.

Looking at the syllabus we have CSI, Traffic Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Drugs and Gangs, Patrol Procedures, K-9, Bomb Team (insert red wire jokes here), SWAT Team and then we get a nice certificate.

So the program is geared for the Citizens Patrol which goes out on patrol with the support of the Police Department. They are a volunteer organization which secures crime scenes, does perimeter enforcement, tags abandoned vehicles and traffic control. They require a 10 hour monthly commitment and 2 training meetings a month. This is not for me however. I do not see me up at all hours of the night and dealing with family commitments in the morning. I am mainly interested in the different departments and how they function. So if you have any questions that you would like answered let me know here or email me at djinnter at gmail dot com and I will make it a point to get them answered during my classes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marines vs Obama and Ammo

Looks like even more Marines are coming out against Obama. The Marine Times cite that they can not keep up with the amount of online traffic out there. It's a bad sign for the Commandant when your armed forces are openly disparaging their CIC. However, it should speak volumes about how not to handle your armed forces IE cutting health care, don't ask don't tell, neverending combat deployments, ect ect.

I was reading in a few blogs (here and here) that ammo is once again going up. I then see the prices for several of my online sites reflecting this. I have several local shooting matches I would like to attend and I will not be a victim to this season's election fraud as it relates to ammunition prices. So I will be looking at purchasing a reloader with the wife's approval of course (she probably pictured me moping around the house this summer). My first purchase was to get the ABC's of reloading from Amazon. Hopefully this will give me the information I need to purchase reloading gear without getting robbed in the process. Carteach0 has also mentioned he will post advice on reloading later as well.

Monday, March 19, 2012

History of gun grabs

Bit of a long post but relevant to gun control issues. This has happened in the past, usually to commit genocide of a peoples and with Holder's newly released videos of gun propaganda on Brietbart I felt it was timely.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Odd's and Ends

The missus brought home an order sheet last night. I sighed heavily when she bought the page to my attention fearing some sort of cosmetic/fancy underwear wish list for my approval. This was a list of storage goods, however. Strange, why she would be handing me this (to spend money on) list. It was for a class on food preparation that the LDS Church is hosting. The kids pack them up and receive school credit while the church get the money for the consumables. The prices are pretty reasonable too $15 for 27 lbs of flour, $17 for sugar? All this and they are packed in containers for storage. Needless to say I had to backtrack on that sigh pretty quickly. Onions, beans, wheat, flour, sugar, apple slices and a few more for very reasonable prices to which I spent more than I should have. But heck, a deal is a deal and you have to grab them when they come.

Second bit o' new comes from my police department. I have been extolling the virtues of our local PD for a while, they do a herculean job for the size town we have and they do it well. No weapon rights controversies, no out of control cop on you-tube videos either. So an opening came open with the Citizens Academy and I went for it. More out of curiosity if nothing else as I have never had any police training or background (military and some security). I will start on the 21st and will try to keep you updated with the training as it happens.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sorry kymber it is sushi but it kind of related to pot-stickers. Wife got me a kit to make home made sushi and we have put it to good use.
Although I have to admit I cheat when I make sushi. I used a tool called the sushezi. This is ten times easier than using the "traditional" method of rolling it on a bamboo mat. The wife tried the bamboo mat and it came out looking square.
The only other thing is that you need a very very sharp knife to make the cuts in the sushi. So with that said I will not show you the aftermath of trying to cut them with a dull knife.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Union Teachers pushing for Marxism

Here is your tax dollars at work. Any teacher found pushing any ideology other than learning should be stripped of teaching credentials and flogged.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Range Day

With Saturday's weather turning out to quite nice I decided it was time to dust off the AR I had built over this winter. I pieced together a lower from Spikes, some Stag Arms parts, through in a good amount of Magpul furniture and I was finished with the lower half. The upper I have to admit that I kind of chickened out on. I felt comfortable with all the spring work. but the gas tubes intimidated me. So I bought the complete upper from Bravo Company with a slight tinge of regret.

That regret is now gone. The picture you are about to see is nothing short of amazing. What makes it even more so is that I have not zeroed it in other than a barrel sight check months prior. I missed a few shots here and there but over all its a very decent platform. I am sure a few of you are better at running and gunning but hopefully more training on my behalf will fix the errant shots.

The target below was for a newly acquired weapon which might need to go the gunsmith. More on that at a later time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Marine's Facebook page tests military rules

Found this while slogging through the news sites:

"SAN DIEGO (AP) — Marine Sgt. Gary Stein first started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots to encourage service members to exercise their free speech rights. Then he declared that he wouldn't follow orders from the commander in chief, President Barack Obama.
While Stein softened his statement to say he wouldn't follow "unlawful orders," military observers say he may have gone too far.
The Marine Corps is now looking into whether he violated the military's rules prohibiting political statements by those in uniform and broke its guidelines on what troops can and cannot say on social media. Stein said his views are constitutionally protected.
While troops have always expressed their views in private, Stein's case highlights the potential for their opinions to go global as tech-savvy service members post personal details, videos and pictures that can hurt the military's image at home and abroad." You can read the rest here.

I know what my views are on this but I am curious to see what my audience thinks. Please feel free to sound off below.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Interesting Topic

Duke posted an excellent article on his blog here, since my answer would be to long I decided to make a separate post about it.
Perhaps this topic hits near and dear to our hearts because of history. During the revolutionary war it became common for the locals to hide their weaponry from the British because of confiscation fears. It could be said that the attempt to forcibly take these weapons actually led to the American Revolution.

"On April 18, 1775, British General Thomas Gage sent 700 trained troops to Concord, Massachusetts. On the dawn of the 19th, 70 men — farmers, clerks, storekeepers — stood fast and faced the British advance guard at Lexington Green" (taken from here)

The troops sent would undoubtedly have confiscated their weapons and possibly took their food stores as well. So this topic that Duke has presented us with is not a new one. We do not even have to look at other countries to see the effects of gun control in other hemispheres.

Another incident to take a look at is the Gunpowder Incident which had the same kind of outcome. Locals banded together and repelled the British invaders.

That is why every weapon owner feels that owning a weapon is a fundamental right. It has been ingrained with us since the founding of our country. Our founding fathers knew that firearms were essential for maintaining a stable and representative government. The problem with all this is some groups tend to forget how we forged this great country and they are doomed to repeat history.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sinus Infection

Still under the weather this week and developed into the dreaded sinus infection. I am going to try to tough this out without antibiotics or other medication except for aspirin. My wife advised me that I am to quick to use antibiotics in this situation and its better if I just let it run its course. So if I am sort of out there forgive me.

I will take this time to advise everyone who still is using Google to install this application: Its a free product that will help hide your Internet usage from data mining (to an extent) and removes nasty tracking cookies. I have used this for a few months and use it extensively.

For your viewing pleasure:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mail Issues and other stuff

I have had it with my mail carrier. In the past 3-4 months I have hand delivered at least 8 pieces of mail to my neighbors. I can understand once a month but this is getting ridiculous. I have contacted the 1-800 numbers at least 3 times. Yesterday invoked a last straw for me. I took a picture noted it on my calendar and drove to the post office that is 40 minutes away. I spoke to whatever manager was on duty and informed him of the mail carrier’s habits.

You have to really tick me off to make me go on a special trip to talk to your supervisor. That being said if this does not work I will document each piece of mail and ask this be escalated to the district supervisor with photo evidence. The real concern here is how many pieces of my mail that do not get delivered.

In other news my daughter has brought home a new illness and was kind enough to share. If the US ever looses their chemical facilities they can quickly recoup those losses by visiting the local schools to get those viruses back. So with stuffy head and dripping nose I bid you adieu for today.