Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your fear brings them their power: Counterpoint

American Preppers Network had this to say in their blog today:

"Is there really a danger by being public about prepping? There is a level of danger in everything we do in our everyday lives. I would argue that skydiving is far more dangerous than publicly sharing the message of prepping with others, but what gain does society have each time you jump out of an airplane? Yet we do not criticize the skydiver. Even the figherfighter who is in a much greater position of danger will save but only a handful of lives. However, by publicly sharing the message preparedness, a prepper has the ability to save possibly thousands if not millions."

American Preppers Network: Your fear brings them their power.

To which I would respond that a good OpSec has its place among those who would call themselves preppers. As someone who has been in ComSec for most of my military career I have been exposed to OpSec for a good portion of my life. If the US military and the government consider it to be a key principal to run their operations why shouldn't the average prepper? Take Katrina for instance where the citizenry were disarmed from their legally owned weapons. Some of those disarmaments came from local citizenry telling the police so and so has a weapon.

I am in no way saying we should not be talking about how we prep or what your storage of these preps are. Like any good conversation there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Human beings are by their nature curious and that curiosity, while it may seem genuine, will  come back to bite you if the SHTF. To many times I have seen posts like I am going to XYZ's house if something happens. Now you have invited half your block to your house how are you going to afford all the extra rations? Human beings, lately, are also another thing lazy. Why stock up on things when you have a neighbor that is doing it for you.

There are some excellent Youtube videos explaining how to prep without divulging any information on who they are and where they are located at and they are very level headed about it. Conversely, there is the National Geographic version which from its promo's seems to have clung on to a fringe element to improve its ratings. Not to mention they do an aerial shot over the land of a prepper's safe-house (Google Maps anyone?). Do I want the Kardashians representing a lifestyle choice that I take seriously? How about MTV do a reality show of 3 people in a bunker having fights all the time?

OpSec is important to me. Its important because my life depends on it and so does my family. If I can spread the word to save millions I will do it up to a point. Information that would compromise my family or myself, however, is strictly verboten.


  1. I think they are a little upset because they got called "on the carpet" today because of their new Facebook page and being called a Nationwide Looting Targets Directory.


    Rawles was right.

    nice post

    1. Hey thanks for that link Matt. Facebook is definitely the wrong venue for any survival talks since most people know each other. That context lends even more weight to having a good OpSec.