Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Ramblings

I had intended this to be a review of some of the equipment that I have purchased recently, but OpSec reared its ugly head and advised me otherwise.

This brings me to my other post on Valentines Day. I hate Valentines day, I hate the commercialization of any holiday really but Valentines is one that really gets my goat. This could trace back to my childhood days in which I was coerced to make Valentines for people whom, I didn't not know, and those of who I severely disliked. Even way back then I realized that you did not reward bad behavior with treats of sugar. Perhaps it was the time I received a particularly hard heart candy and chipped a tooth. Nothing says love like a emergency trip to the dentist for some excruciating pain.

It wasn't till later in life that I learned most holidays were based on pagan ceremonies/holidays. Saint Valentine is actually two people. It honors a Priest in Rome and the other a bishop of Interamna, one of which was beaten, stoned and then beheaded for marrying people against Roman wishes. Throw this in with a Graeco-Roman fertility holiday and you have the basis of what is now Valentines day. Some time later between there and here we get to a romance holiday; which started with a stoning and beating ironically enough.

I will give my wife a necklace for Valentines day and my children will also get a "non-candy" treat. This is because I know V-day means something to them. I will cross the ends of the world for them while on fire to make them happy. I will not do this for a commercialized holiday whose original purpose was to honor a Saint(s) whose ultimate sacrifice for the human race was death.

I really need a bah humbug statement for Valentines day


  1. Not sure any man likes this holiday...having said that guess what I'll do tomorrow. I'll sneak out and buy my wife a card and flowers...after all, she saved my life a few weeks ago.

    1. Yes, yes you should buy her a CAR and flowers. :P
      I wonder though, if we are missing the true reason for these holidays. Honoring a sacrifice for Christians everywhere or buying chocolate because Hallmark tells us too. Like I said, I honor my wife and buy her flowers and gifts but I do this because I want to. Thanks for stopping by Stephen and letting me get on my soapbox.

  2. mmasse buddy - i agree whole-heartedly! we don't celebrate our birthdays, Christmas, V-day in the traditional/consumer manner. and as you read in my last post, Feb 13 is waaaay more important to us! jambaloney picks me flowers and makes little gifts for me regularly so i don't feel the need to receive anything for V-day. but i did give him a gift - bahahahah! oh it's funny! i will do a post about his "gift" in a bit. check it out.

    your friend,

    1. I did and it is hilarious. Somehow I doubt my wife would buy of on some tic tacs, paper clip and a nickle though :P Thanks for stopping by!