Thursday, February 16, 2012

Odds and Ends

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Days of our Trailers has a good article up on the shenanigans of the DHS. Pretty much any weapon enthusiast and rocket/plane hobbyist will have to watch out for plumbing trucks.

Which brings me to my next link here. Property has become so costly we have revert back renting to fulfill housing needs. People are reporting their neighbors for weird/strange behavior and the DHS are monitoring people who like to recreate with weapons and backpacks.

If all this sounds strangely foreign here is another article posted by View from the Porch. Here is a hint; Its not the passwords they are worrying about, they are trying to track movement across the interwebs. Which with a single person identity would require less resources than it does now.

Throw in the attack on Catholicism and a state run media and the results are modeling an old school Soviet Russia. Just some of the thoughts running through my mind this morning. Please feel free to disagree with me below.


  1. I think your points here are covered in this article I read this morning. Not word for word, but in general. We truly live in terrifying times and most people are blind to what's going on. This article sums it up well.

    Great post BTW, even if you do consider it 'Odds and Ends'.

  2. Great article, thanks for the share Matt. Very scarey times indeed. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. I have noticed my logo is not showing on your follower list...I do believe I was one of your first. Tired to re-do it to no avail, it won't allow me. Just rest assured, I do 'follow' you.

    1. No worries Stephen, I have submitted several emails on but no one has contacted me yet.

  4. I follow you too. But I follow anonymously...maybe that messes the counting too.

    I am off to read the links you shared.

    And yes, times are troubling indeed.