Friday, February 24, 2012

Born in the USA

I really wonder about the credentials of Obama's czars and administration staffers. Why would Geithner say that being an American is a priviledge? Is it ignorance, calousness? Or is it the power that he holds corrupting an entire administration so completely that they hold sway over Congress and the legal system. This has really pissed me off as an American who volunteered 8 years of my life for this country. I am an American and it is my BIRTHRIGHT that I call myself such. Priviledge just means America and its values are for sale. Something everyone should clue into right now, your country is being sold out from beneath you right now.


  1. More correctly it means that they (the powers that be) can take your citizenship away far more easily. No trial or judges, no threshold, they just give the word and it happens.

    They are subtly but steadily changing terminology in this country to slowly change peoples' way of thinking.

    Also if it is a privilege that they control, they can also give it out to all the illegals. See how it works?

    It's all about establishing themselves as our lords and masters.

    They've forgotten, or at least hope we've forgotten the old saying that a government that fears the people equals liberty and hope that they can have a people that fears the government which is tyranny.