Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Review

I had purchased "Without Rule of Law" on a recommendation on another blog site so I decided to give it a read. I was intrigued with the warning "This book may tick some people to do things that some might find immoral...interesting stuff, things I hadn't thought of before. How to hide. How to evade. How to infiltrate. How to scavenge... if all of your preps have been expended or destroyed, there are skills you can deploy to increase your chances of living. -"

I found it to be quite the opposite really, it did not go far enough for me. Perhaps that it was written for the average "Joe" is why I came away from the book disappointed. I am fully away for instance that should the SHTF chances are everyone will have to scavenge. The author gives examples on the types of door breaches but he does not touch in great detail on the lock picking side. He goes into the basics of the camouflage systems but he does not cover on how to place/secure the Jute on the survival netting. It is the inconsistencies like this that drive me nuts. I mean if your audience is the general public why just glance on a topic?

The book is organized well and very easy to read but the obvious missing parts to it keep me from enjoying it altogether. Perhaps it is my military background that spoiled it but I doubt it. It did have a few revelations for me, like having a survival net or the disguise section was fairly ingenious. I also had not considered the roof  as a point of entry to any domicile. To often I think we focus on doors and windows as ingress routes. The train as you fight is also a good point, don't wait till the flag goes up to see your equipment is junk.

All in all its a decent book but if you are looking for an instruction manual this is not it. There are other manuals for breaching, lock picking, and camouflage out there. It makes a good coffee table book but other than that I count on other sources for a "how to" style book.


  1. Thanks, you just saved me some money.

    1. You are welcome; It wasn't a "bad" book but I was hoping for more substance to it.