Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Troublesome Times: Fascism Alert !

In case any have missed post on Troublesome Times this it is worth the read. This could setup a power grab come election time to supersede any voting outcomes.

Troublesome Times: Fascism Alert !

So, once again, did you catch it last night when Obama said it in his speech? Here's his quote:
The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.
Pretty slick, eh? It "sounds" almost patriotic what with that quip about the needs of the American people. But what does he need more power for? With the passage of the Patriot Act and the NDAA (and don't worry, SOPA will also eventually get passed if he gets another presidential term) he already has more power than any other president in history.


  1. All the more reason to "nail the colors to the mast". We're down to resist, or submit to eternal slavery. My colors are nailed, broadside loaded, primed, aimed, and waiting on the roll...

    1. 2012 is as the Chinese say "May you live in interesting times". Thanks for stopping by Craig.