Friday, January 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle

So I am back with a renewed sense of accomplishment. My sister and I have settled most of my father's affairs (with my Mom's approval of course) and I am back at my home. I can't say how much people surprise me during a family crisis. Our neighbors bought food over, my wife's boss also bent backward for us and the outpouring on the web as well as locally was amazing.

The major thing I took away from all of this is that I am focusing more of my energy towards personal fitness. My father was taken down by an disease that could have been avoided if he had taken better care of his health. So I am sure to make the wife mad by throwing away some of the garbage we have in our house and replacing it with more healthy fare.

A minor footnote is that I can without a doubt say that I severely dislike California. I hate going to any State that disarms its citizenry and makes them dependent on them for security. Not to mention the whole recycling racket that they have going on down there. Plastic in one container, metal in another, paper products in another its enough to drive one crazy. Don't even try to get rid of a computer which only can be taken in every third Saturday. I was also acquainted with the term section 8 housing as LA is forcing most of their section 8 housing rejects (gangs) to the surrounding counties. Which of course has done wonders to the property values of those communities.

I was contemplating about writing a brief memorial about my father but that is still an emotional charged topic for me for a number of reasons, perhaps in the future...


  1. mmasse - i am glad to hear the vigour in your voice (writing) and i am glad that you feel a renewed sense of accomplishment - good job buddy!

    when you are ready, i would love to read a memorial about your father....but only when you are ready!

    glad to have you back, dear friend! your friend,

    1. Thank you very much and thank you for your support

  2. Replies
    1. Its nice to be back and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Like Stephen and Kymber said, "Glad to have you back."