Thursday, December 29, 2011

Status Update

I know I was going to post a memorial for my dad but my mind is not in a good place. Sufficed to say we have taken care of his wishes and he was cremated without a ceremony. I have absconded my mother to Idaho in hopes that she will enjoy her holidays. In the meantime my wife's grandmother is going though some major surgery and her health is not so good. So on top of everything else we can possibly pile on the stress meter my septic tank decides it would be a good time to quit working.  Which results in not one, but two visits from the sewer services.

So with all this, I can honestly say that 2011 marks one of the worst years I have had to date. My wife, however, reminds me that no matter what the circumstances are they can always be worse. I see the logic in that; but the feelings of depression have taken hold and are hard to hold at bay.