Saturday, November 12, 2011


Saw this over at and had to share

Skip to 0:20 to be amazed. Yes that is chocolate syrup just rolling off of that shoe. So as an outdoors person and a shooter what will this mean for me? Well if applied to weapons parts this means no more rust for one. Second it means I can treat my outdoors clothes and never get wet again! Treat your tiles in your house and wallah no more dried up spills. The possibilities are endless; Car windshields, blades, gloves, carpet, hospital operating rooms, boats ect ect.

I sure hope that this stuff is not hyper flammable though, because putting it out with water would be kinda pointless.


  1. skip all that, i am going to spray my ENTIRE HOUSE down with that stuff!!

    (rains a lot here ;-)

    i do share your nagging concern, it HAS to be oil-based, can this actually be purchased today?


  2. My first question is...what's the cost.

  3. From what I heard, to answer both of your questions, that the feedback that they go from the public has "encouraged" them to go public with the product. I would suspect look for it in 6-8 months barring any major complications from OSHA and whatever other legal hoops they need to jump through. So no costs as of yet and no samples (I already asked them).

  4. website for them is
    They also have a Facebook account to those who do participate in that medium.