Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Moral Compass

 I am not sure that many saw this today but I think it deserves to be repeated. I have a Facebook account which I use mostly for friends and family. Don't bother looking I made up a fictitious name for the account so you probably won't find me.

Anyways I am subscribed to a number of different companies I like and follow because they represent who I like doing business with. Imagine my surprise when I see 5.11 post a product placement shot with Pamela Anderson. I was shocked at first but that turned into disgust and my sentiments were echoed by other posters ranging from utter disbelief to downright disgusted.
So with mighty computer in hand I sent the 5.11 company my angry missive that went like this:

"You have a Facebook endorsement of Pamela Anderson posing with one of your products. I would, as a weapon friendly store, reconsider this. Mrs Anderson is a supporter for many anti-gun measures as well as a supporter for the current administration we have now. If this post is not removed with an immediate apology you will lose many customers, including my business. I would suggest doing research before posting this trash in support of your products."

I fully admit its a little harsh and 5.11 fully has every right to display what pictures they want to display but Pamela Anderson? I was pleasantly surprised when not twenty minutes later the picture was gone. Like nothing had happened earlier that day. So I meander about my evening getting the kids tucked in and getting the house back in order when I find this in my email:


I wanted to let you know that the photo of Pam Anderson has already been removed. We definitely did not mean to offend anyone by sharing the photo.  We had the honor of providing the uniforms for the security at the Carrier Classic last week and one of our photos in the album included Ms. Anderson holding our hat.  She does not officially endorse our products nor is she an official representative of the brand.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions or issues. We hope to hear that you will remain a fan of 5.11 Tactical and that we can continue to earn your business.

Thank you!


So apparently I was not the only person writing in to voice their concern but the deletion was a vast improvement. The email itself was the icing on the cake.  So I responded with this email;

"Thank you for your immediate response to this issue. Sorry if I sounded a bit hasty and harsh in my last  email but I was legitimately shocked when I saw a known gun grabber posing with your product. I really do appreciate the time you took to send this email and your efforts to make this right with your fans speak volumes about your company’s moral compass. Keep up the good work." 

So glad to see a few companies that give a crap about their base and are willing to change the way they do business to make things right. Kudos 5.11. (I wish I would have snagged the picture but it was gone before I thought about saving it)


  1. Good for you. Here I am wearing their trousers as I write, heck, I wear them full time. Pat on the back for you.

  2. Stephen; Yeah their cargo pants are second to none. It would have been a personal tragedy to have to burn them in effigy. Heck I even have 5.11's 3 in 1 Jacket.

  3. mmasse, dear friend, good on you for getting p*ssed and sending off that email! and good on them for responding so promptly.

    this is the way that we can actually change the corporate world. if you don't stand up for what you believe in - then who will?

    thanks for sharing. your friend,

  4. kymber- Well I have my doubts on the corporate world being changed as a whole. However, any part that I can influence is for the overall good. Thank you for visiting!

  5. Your turn to write a letter kymber. Mrs Anderson is playing the Virgin Mary for CTV for "A Russell Peters Christmas Special”. Can't imagine that playing out to well for Canada.


  6. mmasse - i tried the link but i get nothing. Ms Anderson playing the Virgin Mary? you have got to be kidding!!! hang on and i will do some searching...

    HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP! i just did a search - thanks for pointing this out - we had no idea as we don't have tv and haven't had it for almost a year now.

    you are darn tootins that i will be sending a very strongly worded email - this is outrageous!

    thanks mmasse!

    your friend,

  7. if anyone is interested - here is a link to this stupid crap:


    but do yourself a favour and don't bother. this is serious idiocy!!!

  8. Sorry about that link kymber, I was trying to outsmart myself using a link shorten-er. Here is the one I saw