Monday, November 7, 2011

Extreme Makeover Liberal Edition

So there I was perusing through some of the evening news when I saw that ABC will be hosting a Veterans Day Extreme Home Makeover. Which sounds like a very worthy cause right? I was then very shocked to see the list of "stars" hosting this event.

Whoopi Goldberg? The same person who walked out of a show because Bill O'Rielly  stated "Muslims killed Americans on 9/11". Which is the same reason why are troops are deployed overseas in the first place? The same person who labeled Bush as a killer and a cheap thug and has not said anything regarding Obama's tactics of eliminating political targets (much less gunwalker). Then there is George Lopez. Who from his comments from getting let go on cable was very unflattering to those who are of Caucasian ancestry. Robin Williams another liberal favorite who delcared on George Bush's exit "The era of rehab is over".

There are a few more that I missed but herein lies the point. Why would a left leaning, White House propaganda organization fund and showcase a veteran show and have people like, Whoopie, Robin and George on its show. Fundamentally, I know, given their politcal dispositions keeping the peace through armed conflict is strictly against what they believe in. It is my opinion that given the sagging popularity of the current administration this is in part the lefts way of giving back to the little people, which may or may not equal votes later on. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if the big O didn't show up (no not Oprah).

I for one will be out on the 11th celebrating with my family and other Veterans, old and young. To whom I, as well as many others, are proud of the fact that we are Veterans. Remembering our service and those brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Without the company of the Whoopie and her non-Muslim delusions.


  1. i am so glad that we don't have tv. and i have been putting up different Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day posts for a few days now. please head over and have a peak. bring tissue. some of the posts are real tearjerkers!

    your friend,

  2. Matt - Thank you

    kymber - I have seen your wonderful tribute and your remembrance does any veteran proud.

  3. As a vet, it's one of the few days of the year I close my business. I honor it for those friends of mine still 'over there.' Think I'll take my grandchild and take in a movie and then take her shopping at Gander Mountain. We're getting low on ammo...think we're down to twenty or thirty thousand rounds. Good post, my friend.

  4. Stephen - My wife was trying to play it off like she forgot what Friday was. I know her better than that. I think I will take the kids to pay our respect to our town memorial. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. good post - rolling out "liberal" stars Veteran's Day is a smack in the face to all who have served.

    well put!

  6. jam - Yeah its a political softening campaign at best.