Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brief History

The title of this blog comes from an old Nautical term. To "Nail your colours to the Mast" was to let the other ship know you will never surrender or run down the colors when you were defeated. More importantly in present context it means to hold fast to what you believe in. So within this blog shall be a catalog of sorts, of stories that I believe true to my moral compass as it were.

Which segues into a brief synopsis who I am. I consider myself to be a Constitutionalist; partly due to too many politicians think they have authority from who they are and not the document which grants them that power. Limited government was the way our founders made this Country and that tenet should still hold true today. I am a father of 2 wonderful children (I will refer to them as E and D). E is a very precocious young lady of 5 years of age and D is the daredevil at 2 years of age (defined by his having more stitches than either myself or my wife). My wife who is in the medical field is my rock and from time to time picks me up again when I have lost my way. I was a member of the Armed Services for 8 years and Veteran of the Persian Gulf war. After my brief military career I went to College and moved around a bit till we found a great home up north.

This is pretty much who my core is for right now. I am sure as time passes more of who I am will invariable make its way to the surface. Don't be afraid to ask questions and tease me along the way. I see that a few of you already have settled in to that already, thanks for reading!


  1. yep - this mottled group of bloggers that hang around Stephen's blog are always teasing each other.

    thanks for a little background on yourself and your family. i am certainly looking forward to more posts. and the opportunity to tease - teeheehee!

    your friend,

  2. kymber thanks for that and I look forward to the good natured ribbing.

  3. You have much to offer here my friend...I write more but I hate this laptop....mumble...tiny little thing.

    You have a gift. Kiss the little ones for me and tell 'em I like their father.

  4. thanks for the intro - you sound like you have a bright future and a solid background - looking forward to more!

    i won't be able to dish out a ribbing like kymber tho' ;-)

    btw - have you ever seen "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" ? awesome movie to go with your masthead!

  5. Stephen: Thank you very much for your kind comments.

    jambaloney: That was a very good movie. My favorite part was the "lesser of two weevils scene"