Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ballistic Clipboard?

Being a computer geek at heart imagine my surprise when I saw this over at

Besides the narrator sounding like he has a nasty chest cold this is not the first time I have seen this concept. Thinkgeek has one on their website here. So I have two thoughts here; First that it will only fill a supportive role only and will probably never leave an officers car. Most violent encounters officers encounter are out of the vehicle so the application of this actually being used is dramatically reduced. Second you have to hold the darn thing. How useful is this going to be if you can only hold it in one small area? How silly would that office look carrying a clipboard to an active shooting incident. "Paul what the heck are you going to do? Write him a ticket?"

This would be money better spent on something that actually helps the officers in the field. Perhaps some range time with a member of Special Forces perhaps?


  1. Not sure how I feel about it...the officer jerks it towards the line of sight of a muzzle in a bad guys hand, bad guy shifts aim. Bad guy to officer leaking blood - sorry about that dude.

  2. Exactly Stephen. Plus there is something to be said to having two hands instead of one.

  3. True that, one local sheriff's deputies hit paper on silhouette targets only half the time, I've been on the range at the same time.